Hey! Own some TOG'L memorabilia or upgrade your existing sets! These items are available for sale. All replacement items are exact duplicates of originals. More to come.


TOG'L Block keychains
Price: $5.75 each, color availabilty varies.


TOG'L Instruction Set, digitally restored.

15 pages, includes:

Frame Form Toy Instructions (double-sided)
Tube Toys Instructions (double-sided)
Elasti-Motor Instructions (double-sided)
Action Motor Pack Instructions
Set 100 Camel Instructions
Set 200 Dog Instructions (double-sided)
Set 200 Giraffe Instructions
Set 300 Carousel Instructions (double-sided)
Set 400 Fire Engine Instructions (double-sided)
Action Toy Instructions (double-sided)
Tog'lman Instructions (double-sided)
Kellogg's Instructions (4 pages)

Price: $10.00


Replacement hose for bellows
$1.75 each, $3.25 for two, bellows not included.


Replacement pulley string
$.75each, $2.50 for four


TOG'L Post-It Notes
$6.00 per 4 x 3 pad of 50 sheets, $10.00 for two, 3 for $13.50


Note: A shipping charge of $2.00 applies to any order.

E-mail your order and I will contact you with details.

Let me know what items you'd like to see offered for sale.

Here's a freebie, TOG'L wallpaper for Windows. Looks just like this site's background. Save to Windows/System directory.

Here's another freebie, TOG'LMEN wallpaper for Windows. Save just like above.