You can download a demo version of the filter from this page. The filter is Windows only.

TV Effects Demo

File is a self extracting zip which should be placed into your photoshop plug-ins directory. Upon running the file (tvedemo.exe) two files will be extracted to your plug-ins directory (tvedemo.8bf and tvdemo.txt). This is the complete installation and the filter can be removed at any time by deleting these two files.


To Buy Full Version:

Registration ($7.50) will enable the filter to be applied to image. Payment info is contained in the text document. Registered users will receive a working version of the filter as well as a set of PhotoShop actions to enhance the performance of the filter. Package will be sent via e-mail as a small (<100k) attachment. Please remember to include your e-maill address for delivery.

I accept cash, check, or credit card payment. Please include your e-mail address in comments.



Here's a freebie for you. Did you ever wonder why the blur filter is adjustable but the sharpen filter isn't? I did. So I made one. You are free to download it. All I ask is that you let me know what you think of it and maybe give me some ideas for other filters you'd like to see. Thanks.


TV Effects © 2003

Do yourself a favor and check out this program. This is the one piece of software I absolutely would not be without. It automatically saves for later recall anything you copy to the clipboard. You can even assign hotkeys to saved items.